Nunu suspends MP for asking her to account for 12 million pounds

The Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, Jemma Nunu, has suspended Hon Juol Nhomngek, who has been asking her to account for 12 million pounds, which the MP believes she has embezzled.

The spokesperson of the National Legislative Assembly had earlier threatened that the august house would sue its MP Juol Nhomngek for accusing the speaker of several corruption allegations.

Hon Nhomngek is a member of parliament representing Cueibet County in Lakes State on SPLM-IO ticket. He has been critical of the speaker on how the public resources are being spent in the parliament.

He accused the speaker of stealing 12 million and also paid private workers through the MPs’ medical allowances – a claim which madam speaker denied.

In an order dated April 26, 2023 in which the assembly conduct of business is cited, Hon Nunu suspended the member of parliament for a period of unspecified time.

“I Jemma Nunu Kumba, do hereby issue this suspension order per regulation 59 (3) of the TNLA conduct of business regulation 2011 (Amended 2021) with effect from 26th April 2023,” the order reads.

The resolution for the suspension was made by an ad hoc committee which was formed in December 2022 by the speaker to investigate the member of parliament after he issued the allegation and exposed the embezzlement in the parliament, according to the suspension letter.

The committee presented it report to the Assembly Business Committee on April 14, 2023; and the speaker issued suspension on 26 April, 2023.

The suspended MP was asked by the clerk of the assembly in an order to implement the order accordingly.

Nhomngek had also asked the speaker to produce the audit report if she felt accused falsely but this seems to be hard for madam Speaker to do.

The suspended MP and the chief whip of the SPLM-IO, where the MP comes from, are yet to commend on the suspension.