Nunu denies embezzling 12 million Pounds

The Speaker of National Legislative Assembly, Hon Jemma Nunu Kumba, has denied the allegation that she stole 12 million South Sudanese pound recently.

Some members of the parliament, particularly the MP representing Cueibet County in Lakes State on SPLM-IO ticket, Hon Juol Nhomngek, have been accusing the speaker of not accounting for public resources.

Speaking in the thanksgiving meeting organized by staff at the parliament on Wednesday, just days before the august house reopens, Nunu rejected the accusation.

“How can a Speaker steal money? This is not the first time I am working in government. I was a governor. I was a minister. Did you hear anything bad about my name?” Nunu asked. “How could I start stealing in the parliament?”

In an interview with this media outlet earlier this month, Hon Nhomngek said the money was taken at night and he and other MPs recorded the case with the police.

The spokesperson of the parliament, John Agany, had earlier threatened that the August house would sue Hon Nhomngek for accusing the speaker.

Agany first said the money was used to buy tickets for MPs in the East African Legislative assembly but later changed the statement saying the tickets were for members of Pan-African parliament in South Africa.

The Radio Community could not access South Sudan MPs in the Pan African Parliament for verification.

However, the speaker said she was not bothered by the allegation because she did not steal any money terming the allegation baseless.

“Those are things that have no basis because I know myself. I know what I am doing. So, it is not disturbing me,” Nunu continued.