NLA threatens to sue MP critical of the speaker

The spokesperson of the National Legislative Assembly says the august house is likely to sue its MP Juol Nhomngek for accusing the speaker of corruption.

Hon Juol Nhomngek is a member of parliament representing Cueibet County in Lakes State on SPLM-IO ticket.

Nhomngek has been reportedly questioning the speaker on number of public resources that have not been properly accounted for, including medical allowances which he alleges some private workers were paid through the allowances, the sport Money for East Africa inter-parliamentary games and the money paid to the regional lawmakers.

“Juol Nhomngek and his associates must be well reminded that any allegation they passed to this house against anybody, including the speaker will be attended to in the court of law and the right honorable speaker has the right to defend herself,” said Hon John Agany.

Agany stated that the house will use all the necessary laws to protect the reputation of the speaker as one of the leaders of the country that deserve all the good names.

“We will not, as the national legislative assembly and as the spokesperson of this house, condone any allegations labeled against her,” he continued.

“We are calling for legal proceedings to be tabled against Honorable Juol Nhomngek who attempted once and again to attack our speaker.”

MP Nhomngek also accused the speaker of stealing 12 million pounds – a claim which the spokesperson rejected, saying it was the money used to facilitate the six MPs representing South Sudan at the East Africa Legislative Assembly.

Much as Agany admitted that the regional MPs are being paid by the regional assembly, he claimed the parliament still facilitates their movements when they go on recess.

“The 12 million that was alleged to be stolen by the speaker, was actually the money used by the administration to support and give the air tickets for our members of the EALA,” Agany added.

The spokesperson said if Juol don’t come forward and provide proves of the allegations, he will face the law.

For his part, MP Nhomngek said he has been fighting in the parliament to ensure that accountability is done for public resources within the house.

“My belief is that the national parliament is a public institution where the leaders should account for all the management of public resources instead of making it like a court. when you ask a question, they ask you to produce evidence,” Nhomngek said.

“I questioned the speaker on various issues, including the contracts of parliament. I have been asking, why is the contract not ending? And who is responsible for these contracts? Has the parliament endorsed these contracts which are going on without ending and they are using a lot of public resources.”

He said he has reported to the police a scenario where the money was being smuggled at night in the national parliament.

“I have been questioning also the issue of accountability in the parliament. I was saying it is not appropriate for a place where we make laws for MPs to be taking money at night. I have evidence,” he added.