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Upper Nile militants mobilize to attack Malakal PoC

Upper Nile militants mobilize to attack Malakal PoC
A South Sudanese army (SPLA) soldier holds his rifle near an oil field in Unity state on 22 April 2012. |credit | AP

The Troika countries -Norway, United Kingdom and the United States through their embassies in Juba have raised an alarm over “continuous reports of mobilization of armed groups in Upper Nile State, including threats to those living in the Malakal Protection of Civilians (PoC) site.”

In a statement seen by The Radio Community, the countries urged the authorities on Friday to intervene and stop the mobilization to avoid further insecurity.

“We urge those in a position of influence to engage immediately to support of peace and security and we call for those responsible for encouraging violence to be held accountable,” the statement partly reads.

Earlier in June the fighting broke out inside Malakal Protection of Civilians (PoC) site between the two communities of Nuer and shiluk after one of the community members was stabbed to death.

UN peace keeping mission whose the camp is under its protection has verified that at least 14 IDPs were killed and 28 injured (including one woman).

The fighting let one community left the POC for the other in what the UN called “monoethnic site”

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Recently,  alleviated fears of tension in the area, after alarm had been raised that a local militia, known as “White Army”, were mobilizing for fresh attacks.

On Thursday, civil society activist Edmund Yakani warned of the looming revenge attack on the Malakal (POC) after several reports of white army  mobilizing with the plan to carryout revenge in the POC -a warning which the governor of Upper Nile State, James Odhok downplayed calling the reports of mobilization as rumors.

The international communities said in order to avoid incidents like what took place and about to take place in the Malakal POC, there is need speed up the immediate deployment of the necessary unified forces to address security issues across the country and curb subnational violence.

“Reports of this kind further underscore the urgency of deploying the Necessary Unified Forces (the NUF), consistent with commitments in the 2018 revitalized peace agreement,” Troika statement reads.

“Those who obstruct progress toward this objective are placing the interests of the South Sudanese people at risk.” it concludes.