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Tonj North imposes night curfew to curb insecurity

Tonj North imposes night curfew to curb insecurity
An armed cattle keeper in a Tonj county, Warrap State. Cattle are said to be a major cause of conflict among pastoralist communities in South Sudan | Credit | Courtesy

Authorities in Tonj North County, Warrap State, have imposed a night curfew amid growing insecurity in the area.

Of late, officials say they have recorded several cases of theft, armed robbery, killing, revenge attack, and cattle rustling in the county.

Sgt James Monydhar, criminal investigation officer, says the curfew starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 6:30 AM.

“We came up with this plan to the help protect the community and their property,” Monydhar told Mayardit FM on Thursday.

He said they have deployed a joint force to implement the curfew, mostly in Ayak Akat, Kula-Akuak, Anuong and along the Tonj North-Wau Road.

However, the police officer could not reveal the consequences of the curfew will face.

Several media reports show that most crimes, especially killings, in Tonj County are cattle-related.

In August, a raider was reportedly killed in an attempted raid on cattle under government care in Tonj North County. These were 410 heads of cattle worth of blood compensation for five people that had been killed in Nyang Looc village.

A month earlier, more than six people, including one woman, died in a cattle raiding attack in Nyang Looc villag.e