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Rustler killed in Tonj North botched cattle raid

Rustler killed in Tonj North botched cattle raid

A raider has been  killed in an attempted raid on government care in Tonj North County, a police officer has said.

In July, the state government confiscated 410 heads of cattle in blood compensation for five people that had been killed in Nyang Looc village.

Since then, the police have been keeping the animals in Kirik Payam, in preparation to distribute them to the relatives of the deceased.

But on Tuesday morning, armed youth attacked the camp with intent to drive away the cows, triggering a gunfight with the security forces there.

“These youth thought they would attack the camp and drive away the cattle. On of them was shot dead. They injured two police officers,” said Warrant Officer James Monydhar, police inspector in Tonj North County.

Monydhar identified the deceased as Bol Akol, 42.

Cattle raiding has a long history in South Sudan. However the vast supply of small arms in civilian hands has led to raids becoming more violent in recent years.

In remote areas the South Sudan Police lack the capacity to protect communities and so many cattle herders keep arms to defend themselves.

Studies further argue that, expensive marriage/remarriage, revenge, pride, accumulation of wealth, poverty, joblessness, and trade in livestock to be the major causes of rustling.