Three more chiefs arrested over Tonj East violence

At least three more chiefs have been arrested for allegedly refusing to identify young people accused of perpetrating inter-communal violence in Tonj East County, Warrap state.

Last week, nine Executive Chiefs in Mapara Payam were apprehended for reportedly declining to cooperate with the authorities in singling out violent youths.

At least 4 people died in October’s communal clashes between Luach Jang and Baac sections in Panyindech area. Three others were injured.

The conflict was reportedly over stolen cattle from Luach section. Those accused of raiding the animals are from the Baac section.

Tonj East County County Commissioner ordered the police to make the arrest of the chiefs.

Commissioner John Deng Kok argued that the three additional chiefs who have been arrested are from Ador section. He revealed that 2 young men believed to be the ringleaders have also been apprehended.

He justified the arrests of the 13 people are a necessary measure to stop the violence.

“With the ongoing arrest to control the situation in the area, the security is stable. If there are suspects still not arrested, then we are following them to know where they are hiding so that such violence cannot be generalized…but specific people who are behind this,” Deng mentioned.

He disclosed to Mayardit FM on Friday that the 13 are being detained at the military barrack in Romic town.

Commissioner Deng stated that no one will be bailed from jail until those behind the violence are arrested.