9 chiefs arrested for not identifying youths engaged in Tonj East violence

At least nine Executive Chiefs in Mapara Payam have been arrested for allegedly refusing to identify young people accused of perpetrating recent inter-communal violence in Tonj East County, Warrap state.

Police say the local leaders decline to cooperate with the authorities in singling out violent youths.

At least 4 people died on Tuesday last week during communal clashes between Luach Jang and Baac sections in Panyindech area. Three others were injured.

The conflict was reportedly over stolen cattle from Luach section who accused the Baac section of raiding them.

Tonj East County County Commissioner ordered the police to make the arrest of local chiefs.

“We have arrested traditional chiefs from Luach Jang section. From the Baac section the commissioner has summoned the community leaders and when they come and there is someone involved in the last incident then the government will not allow that person to go he must be arrested,” said Colonel Joseph Mathony, Tonj East County Inspector of Police.

Six of the chiefs were arrested on Sunday last week, while 3 were apprehended on Monday this week.

The chiefs arrested include; Aboung Gum Lueth, Deng Magor Chan, Maker Madut Chol, Madit Akuacwut ,Manguak AmeenJang Machuor,Agany Manong Chuol , RiaK Achien Kuch, Dongring Majok Aguer and Riem Madet Chetor.

They are currently in police custody in Romic town, Tonj East County headquarters.

Police say none of them will be released until the reveal the names of the suspected youths engaged in the conflict.