SPLM minister avoids media on land sale allegations before meeting Futuyo

The minister of roads, transport and bridges in Western Equatoria state, Anna Tuna Richard who is being accused of illegally selling the ministry land said she can’t talk to the media on the allegation until she meet governor futuyo.

However, Tuna accept to take interviews after meeting and held discussion with the state governor Alfred Futuyo.

“Let all of us be called for a meeting tomorrow. We will sit and talk. After that if there is any interview, I will attend to it,” Tuna said when contacted to commend on the allegation.

“I’m not ready now, I will call you,” She ended the call.

On Tuesday, governor Futuyo accused his minister of roads, transport and bridges who comes from the SPLM-IG of illegally selling the ministry’s land to business men in Yambio without the knowledge of the council of ministers.

Her immediate boss in the party, Dr. Kennedy Ganiko who is the deputy governor and SPLM chairperson in Western Equatoria state, also said he cannot talk much about the allegation because he was not in the state when his cadre was accused.

“Have you managed to reach the minister? For me, I’m in Juba; I’m going tomorrow to Yambio,” Gaaniko said on telephone.

“I will receive the official briefing from her and the suspected director general in the ministry of finance then I will be in position to make the statement,” he added.

Governor’s office had said the director general in the ministry of finance confirmed that the SPLM cadre who holds the ministerial position of road, transport and bridges ordered the board of directors in her ministry to sell the land.

The SPLM chair in the state said he want to collect information before he come out to brief the media on the allegation.

“Because I don’t know what they have told you and it happened while I’m here in Juba, I want to collect all my information from all the security organs then I will be in the right position to update the public,” Gaaniko stated.

The business men who are believed to have bought the land with unknown amount of money had already started building their business places but the state governor ordered the closure of every activity going on, on the land until the matter decided.

Futuyo has also called for an immediate meeting with the ministry of Roads, Transport and Bridges, Ministry of housing and Yambio municipality to discuss the allegation and initiate the investigation.