Pibor, Jonglei leaders agree to forceful disarmament

A two-day peace conference between Dinka Bor and Murle Communities has concluded, with a recommitment to a forceful disarmament of youth.

The youth in Jonglei State and Greater Pibor Administrative Area have been engaged in revenge killing, child abduction, and road ambushes for the years.

Despite several peace dialogues in which the community representatives agreed to prevent the youth from violent conflict, people continue to lose lives on both sides.

Researchers argue that the conflict is worsened by the presence of firearms in the hands of civilians.

The information minister for Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Abraham Kelang, told Mingkaman FM that the two communities have agreed to have the national army forcefully disarm the youth.

“We agreed as the governments from both sides to disarm the youths because they are the ones causing insecurity in our two states,” Kelang stated.

The Minister said they would work with the Jonglei State counterparts for the implementation of the resolutions of the peace conference.

Meanwhile, the Jonglei state civil society Network chairperson – Bol Deng Bol – doubts the peace conference will bear fruits:

“The idea of disarming youth among other resolutions is a good suggestions But who will implement it?” Deng asked.

“It is better for them to do something that will help the two communities to be comfortable –  something like services, road, education, food, and health facilities.”

He appealed to the government to first do consultative meetings with local chiefs and youth representatives from both states before the disarmament exercise:

“There were areas were the forceful disarmaments were conducted and it ended with violence. We don’t encourage that,” Deng continued.

“We need these youth to be engaged first, and until they understand the polices and also see opportunities coming after their guns are collected.”

Held in Juba this week, the peace conference was organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan field offices in Bor and Pibor.

Government officials from two states attended the conference, including the governor of Jonglei State, Daney Jock Chagor; and the Chief Administrator for Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Lokali Amae.