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Official calls for calm after Tonj East deadly clashes

Official calls for calm after Tonj East deadly clashes

The commissioner of Tonj East County in Warrap State has called for calm after an intercommunal fighting claimed 15 lives.

The clashes – which was triggered by a killing of a young man named Bol Wek Thou, 19, on Christmas day – also left seven people injured.

Commissioner Deng Kok says it involved two communities of Jalwau and Luachjang.

“There is nothing good we get in fighting, year after year or month after the month. I urge the youth to stop fighting, for the government is tired of hearing fighting in the area,” Kok told Mayardit FM.

Meanwhile, the state Minister of Information, William Wol Mayom, said some government forces have been sent to the area to restore calm.

“The government of Warrap State has sent joint forces on Sunday. There are forces in Ngapagok and Tonj town, all those forces are there now and no more fighting was reported this morning

Willam wol urged the community in cross Warrap state to work for peace and forgiveness.

A similar fighting in the area in November left five people dead and 14 others injured.

Police said the clashes over a girl happened between Cher Ruup and Cher Toch communities in Nyingor and Pawen Payams.

Various reports by UN and civil society organizations attribute intercommunal clashes in parts of the country to presence of firearms in the hands of civilians.