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Five dead, 14 wounded in communal conflict over a girl in Tonj East

Five dead, 14 wounded in communal conflict over a girl in Tonj East
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Five people have been confirmed dead and at least 14 others have been wounded during inter-communal fighting in Tonj East County of Warrap state.

Police say the clashes happened on November 18th between Cher Ruup and Cher Toch communities in Nyingor and Pawen Payams.

The fighting was reportedly sparked by the elopement of a girl. A man from Cher Rup is alleged to have run off secretly with a girl from Cher Toch but refused to marry her.

Colonel Joseph Mathony Nhial, Director of Police in Tonj East County told Mayardit FM that two suspects have been arrested.

“We stopped the fighting and chased away the armed youth from Cher up and Toch communities. I held a meeting with them and they listen to my call to stop fighting,” he said.

“Five people lost their lives from both sides. 14 people were wounded and they were transferred to Tonj town public hospital for further treatment,” he added.

Colonel Mathony said security forces have been deployed along the boundary of the two communities to deter further conflicts.

A similar incident in Tonj East County between the communities of Luach Jang and Baac sections also led to the death of 4 people in October 2022.