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Newly appointed Warrap governor urged to prioritize peace

Newly appointed Warrap governor urged to prioritize peace
Brigadier General Manheim Bol Malek, newly appointed Governor of Warrap state

The newly appointed governor of Warrap state has been told to prioritize the restoration of peace, law and order as a prerequisite for development.

This is according to some of the citizens of the restive state.

On Wednesday, President Salva Kiir appointed Brig. General Manheim Bol Malek as governor. He replaced General Aleu Ayieny Aleu who served the state since January 2021.

Makor Manut, a young man from the state urged the new governor to address violent communal conflicts in Twic and greater Tonj Counties.

He said the citizens of the state are disenfranchised by constant violence that results in deaths, displacement and lack of development.

“He has to see most of the things in Twic and great Tonj and legal things to do with the border lands that are not being discussed,” he said.

This year, there has been armed conflicts between youths from Warrap state and the Ngok Dinka in Abyei over the control of a small border town called Aneet.

“We are seeing the government of Warrap is silent on the issue of Aneet. The government of Warrap needs to get involved,” Manut stated.

Moris Agau Deng stated that Warrap state has not seen any development initiative or strengthen its weak economy due to lack of better policies.

He expressed confidence in the ability of the new governor to deliver peace in the state.

“He was the deputy government of the defunct Tonj state and also former minister in the state and in all his leadership, things went well and we are asking him to apply the same.”

Upon his appointment, Aleu had vowed to end deadly intercommunal conflicts in Warrap “as instructed by the President.”