Kiir fires Aleu Anyieny, appoints new governor for Warrap

President Salva Kiir has relieved Aleu Ayieny Aleu from the position of governor of Warrap state.

In a republican decree read on the state television, SSBC, this evening, the President also announced a replacement.

Manhiem Bol Malek who formerly served as deputy governor of defunct Tonj State has replaced General Aleu.

The decree did not give reasons for the changes in Warrap state leadership.

Aleu Ayieny was appointed in January 2021 to restore peace, law and order in the state following spade of armed clashes among civilians, and between the army and civilians. He replaced Bona Panek Biar.

Upon his appointment, Aleu had vowed to end deadly intercommunal conflicts in Warrap “as instructed by the President.”