NBGS Youth Union impeaches chairperson

The chairperson for Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Youth Union has been impeached by the Congress.

Tito Awen Bol was removed from his position through a congress meeting convened in Aweil town on Tuesday.

According to the union’s constitution, the move was an attempt to solve the long-standing dispute between the Executive and the Council.

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“During the convention, most people discussed the issues made by their chairperson and 38 members impeached the youth leader,” said William Diara, director at the Youth and Sports Bodies Commission – state Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

They based their decision on the Union’s Constitution, Article 47 – sub-article (4), which empowers the Youth and Sports Bodies Commission to intervene when grievances against an official arise.

“The Youth and Sports Bodies Commission shall have right to intervene and provide an appropriate solution in case of serious and grave conflict in the Union,” it reads.

The Congress instead endorsed Garang Akuei Deng as the interim chairman to organize elections in three months’ period.

However, Awen rejected the impeachment, saying there was no quorum – the number (38) of members wo cast votes was below the required voters.

Of the 85 members, 56+ can impeach the chairperson.

“The constitution says if 56 or 57 of the 85 congress members voted out the chairperson, then I must respect it and leave the office,” he stated.

“But that one has not happened.  Now I want to say I’m the youth Union chairperson until the election comes. Nobody in the middle here.”

He urged the people of NBGS, especially youth, to remain calm and wait for the right time to go for elections.