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NBGS youth leader suspended over corruption claims

NBGS youth leader suspended over corruption claims
The Chairman of the Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Youth Union, Tito Awen, [in yellow t-shirt] says he is still the chairman, claiming he is yet to officially receive the suspension order | Credit | Courtesy

The chairperson of the Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Youth Union, Tito Awen Bol, has been suspended for three months by the Youth Union council over corruption allegations.

The council outlined three reasons in the suspension letter signed by the speaker, Santino Thiep Arou.

The allegations include moral corruption, financial mismanagement, and gross misconduct in administration.

Thiep told Akol Yam FM that Tito has been sidelining the council in the union’s affairs, resulting to his suspension.

“There is a fundraising committee, which was recently constituted to mobilize funds for the construction of youth office. But the chairman did not consult the council members,” he stated.

“What if the money gets lost later? Who who would the committee be accountable to? Another thing is the fact the chairman travels with official stamp without finance secretary and the secretary general of the council.”

In the suspension letter, the council mandated the deputy chairperson, Deng Chok Yai, to lead the union during the time Tito will be serving his suspension.

In response, Tito Awen said he had not been served with the suspension letter. He said he is still in the office until he’s served with the letter.

He, however, did not deny or accept the allegations.