Jonglei police detain three over Twic East killings

Three people have been reportedly arrested in connection with the killing of three people in Twic East County in Jonglei State recently.

On October 15, a quarrel between Ayual and the neighboring Duk County’s Hol youth over a fishing net claimed lives of the three men at Dhioth-agany fishing Island.

One of the victims was a well-known wrestler in Twic East – Deng Dau Muoradong.

The incident caused tensions, with the Ayual community demanding apprehension of the culprits to avoid further bloodshed.

The state Commissioner of Police, Gen. Elia Costa, said one of the three men the state police are holding over the killings is the Duk community local chief, Lual Dor Achieu.

“These people are under the custody of the police, and we are investigating them until we find the facts about the incident,” he told Mingkaman on Tuesday.

He disclosed they expect to apprehend more people accused of carrying out the attack on the reported unarmed men.

“Police personnel are still looking for more suspects that are accused to be part of the problems.”

Last week, a civil society leader in Jonglei State had echoed the call for identification and apprehension of the perpetrators in order to calm the situation.

The other two victims of the October 15 attack were identified as Deng Chol and Atem Deng.