Activist calls for calm in grief-stricken Twic East

A civil society leader in Jonglei State has called for calm amid tensions over the killing of three people in Twic East at the weekend.

“The incidents happened and we don’t want more lives to be lost again,” said Bol Deng Bol, chairperson for Jonglei State Civil Society Network.

On Sunday, some fishermen from Twic East and Duk communities quarreled over a net that had been allegedly mistakenly burnt.

The dispute later escalated when Duk fishermen opened fire on those of Twic East, killing three people, including a well-known wrestler, Deng Dau Muoradong.

“The situations seems to be terrible. So, we are appealing to the leaders to make sure that there is calm and allow the law to take its course,” Deng stated.

He called upon the state government to ensure that the perpetrators are identified and brought to book.

When contacted over the reported growing tensions, the commissioner of police said he was preparing to dispatch a unit to Twic East to calm the situation.

“We are now preparing to go to the area to rescue the situation because we don’t want people to kill them again,” Gen. Elias Kosta said.

However, he disclosed that the police department in Bor was facing a mobility problem.

“It is just [that] the mean of going there like mobility is difficult. But our police personnel will go to the area,” he added, without saying when exactly the unit is expected in the area.