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Gogrial West holds 3 suspected arsonists

Gogrial West holds 3 suspected arsonists
Kuac-Achinydit Payam headquarters up in a smoke after unidentified men set it on fire on Monday night, May 23, 2023 | Credit | Courtesy

Authorities in Gogrial West County of Warrap State have reportedly detained three suspected arsonists in connection to burning of Kuac-Achinydit Payam headquarters last week.

Last week, unidentified suspects burnt down the payam headquarters in Gogrial West County.

The suspects were identified as private in wildlife department Kuol Abraham Tong and his relatives Chan Majok Aleu and Madut Agoth Majak.

Victor Wek Koor the Commissioner of Gogrial West County says the suspected member of wildlife has allegedly ordered two civilians to burn 11 tukuls while guarding them by gun.

“They will be taken to court t explain why they burnt the tukuls (huts). We consider them criminals because one among them is a member of wildlife department and he took the gun of the nation to burn government property. They are the criminals and will face law,” Wek told Singaita FM.

The Kuac-Achinydit Payam headquarters was created recently by the Angui community on their alleged land.

But the community allegedly rejected construction of a school by Kuac- Achiny community in the payam headquarters, causing tensions.