Gogrial East schools reopen after weeks of devastating floods

Schools have reopened in Gogrial East County following weeks of devastating floods that forced their closure last month.

In late August, torrential rains and raging floods in parts of Warrap state destroyed market locations, schools, and hospitals. The floods displaced people to higher grounds and cut off the road connecting Gogrial with Kuajok and Wau.

Gogrial East County also reported the death of at least 7 children due to drowning.

The County Education department decided to close down 170 schools due to the unrelenting weather conditions.

On Monday, September 12, classes resumed across the County.

Makeny Agoth Giir, County Education Director told Mayardit FM that despite the destruction caused by floods,  the most affected schools have been allowed to conduct lessons under trees.

He advised school administrations to make due with what is available.

“You can open even it means under trees. This is to avoid students from missing studies this year. You can look for the highlands and teach under trees. Teaching under trees does not affect anything as long teachers are giving quality education,” Mr. Agoth underscored.

One school that was affected by floods is Luony-Aker primary school. The head teacher Mr. Kuot Akol Yaak said the school is now conducting lessons under the trees.

Most of the schools, however, mentioned the lack of blackboards to conduct lessons.