Gogrial East shuts down schools after drowning of 7 children

Authorities have temporarily shut down schools in Gogrial East County due to torrential rains and raging floods in parts of Warrap state.

According to the County Education Department, the schools will remain closed for a week.

Weeks of rainfall have led to chocking levels of water that has destroyed market locations, schools and hospitals in the area.

On Monday, Gogrial East County Commissioner Maluny Malueth told Mayardit FM that at least 7 children drowned amid heavy rains and flash floods.

The County Education Director said the devastation caused by the floods have forced the closure of schools.

“Our schools are greatly affected by floods and that is why we have urged them to close for a week. We will also see the level of water if it reduces, we will open and if not, we will add another week till we get the solution because life of our children is vital,” Makeny Agoth announced.

The floods are said to have displaced people to higher grounds and cut off the road connecting Gogrial with Kuajok and Wau.

Commissioner Malueth mentioned their immediate needs are shelter and food.