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Awerial gov’t bans betting in Mingkaman

Awerial gov’t bans betting in Mingkaman
Minors are captured in a betting center in Mingkaman on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | Credit | Anyar Kuol/Mingkaman FM

The commissioner of Awerial County has closed all soccer betting centers in Mingkaman town.

The closure comes months after some residents expressed fears that betting and computer games were affecting learning among schoolchildren.

Such establishments, according to residents, attracted young school children, particularly boys – making some of them “part-timers” in school – prompting the commissioner to issue the order.

“People are now saying that there are no many people that are educated in the land of Aliab; and so, we have to do this to make sure the children study,” Philip Mawut told Mingkaman FM.

He warned of serious consequences against those who will resist the ban.

Commenting on the closure of betting companies, the County Education Director, Barnaba Dhuor, agreed with the commissioner, saying betting had indeed affected learning.

“We were really worried when we were seeing that many children were not coming to school,” Dhuor said, referring to school adjacent to the town center, including Mingkaman One and Thonacak.

“Now things have changed; attendance has really improved, especially at Mingkaman One and Thonacak. Those schools near the town center were really affected by those games.”