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Betting, computer games affect learning in Mingkaman

Betting, computer games affect learning in Mingkaman
Minors are captured in a betting center in Mingkaman on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | Credit | Anyar Kuol/Mingkaman FM

Some residents  in Awerial County, Lakes State, have expressed fears that computer games and betting are affecting learning among schoolchildren in Mingkaman.

The county headquarters is mushrooming with various entertainment businesses  such as video games, betting shops, and cinema halls.

Such establishments, according to residents, attract young school children, particularly boys – making some of them “part-timers” in school.

“Schoolchildren have become part-timers in school and those who manage to go to school usually come home, drop books, and rush to the center,” said Ahol Paul, headteacher of Hidden Light Secondary School.

“You can see young children watching football matches at night.”

Paul appealed to individual parents and members of the PTA to ensure that children do not loiter during school.

During a recent visit by Mingkaman Fm to the town center, over 15 children were seen playing, majority of whom were as young as 15.

However, Majak Atem Majak, manager of Sekumbek Betting Center, denied allowing children to bet play at the station. He said young boys just watch other people play.

“We have a policy here. We don’t allow children below 18 years because these games are meant for mature people. Young people don’t understand its rule,” Atem told Mingkaman FM.