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Another man on the run after fatal shooting in Warrap

Another man on the run after fatal shooting in Warrap

Police are searching for a killer who reportedly shot and killed a 38-year-old man in Akoc Payam of Twic County, Warrap State.

The incident is said to have happened in Adhengbet village on Thursday night amid a quarrel.

“Around 10:20PM, the quarreling intensified, with both men shouting at each other. One person shot grabbed a gun and shot dead the other,” Brig. Marko Mawien , director of Police in Twic County,  told Mayardit FM on Friday.

He identified the suspect as Wol Ayuel Thieng, 34, and his victim, Ring Atem Thieng, 38.

Brig. Mawien could not provide details on what the men were quarreling about. However, he said the suspect is on the run.

He called upon members of the public to work with police in locating Ayuel.

A similar incident occurred in the state on Tuesday. A man evaded arrest after he shot and killed his girlfriend’s sister in Tonj South County.

Article 206 of the South Sudan Penal Code 2008 states that whoever causes the death of another person— with the intention of causing death or knowing that death would be the probable commits the offense of murder.

“And upon conviction be sentenced to death or imprisonment for life, and may also be
liable to a fine; provided that, if the nearest relatives of the deceased opt for customary blood compensation, the Court may award it in lieu of death sentence with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years,” it reads.