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Angry Gogrial East brother injures brother over cow

Angry Gogrial East brother injures brother over cow

Police in Warrap State are searching for a 26-year-old man accused of attacking and injuring his elder brother with a spear on Saturday.

Arol Thiep Deng had requested Chan, 36, to give him a cow to sell.

However, when his brother turned down the request, he got “unhappy” and decided to attack him at his home in Bulic Agakker village.

“He speared Chan in the thigh and arm, leaving him in critical situation,” said Col Madut Anei, Gogrial East police inspector.

“The suspect has escaped to unknown location. We are searching for him, and the victim is now receiving treatment at a health facility for treatment.”

Col Anei urged the public to help the authorities capture Arol.

There have been reported cases of domestic violence and violent resolution to disagreements in Warrap State, with some fatal.

On October 1, a 50-year-old man killed his wife over sorghum at their home at Langic village.

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