3,000 cows receive vaccination against anthrax in Twic

The Livestock Health Department in Warrap State has started the vaccinations of animals against anthrax in Pannyok Payam of Twic County.

This comes after 8 cows were said to have died of the disease in Akoc and Pannyok Payams last month.

Anthrax is a serious infectious disease caused by gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis. It occurs naturally in soil and commonly affects domestic and wild animals around the world.

Last week, the public was told not to consume meat from dead animals due to possible outbreak of anthrax among animals.

The vaccination exercise is targeting 3,000 head of cattle in Ataak, Wunakoc and Akiech villages.

“This vaccine can work for 6 months in the body of livestock so that anthrax, brucellosis, tuberculosis and other diseases cannot affect your animal. It can also protect you because anthrax is a transmissible disease which affect human and animal,” said Jacob Angiik Angiik, County Director of Animal Resources and Fisheries.

1,300 cattle have so far been vaccinated against the disease. The exercise is still ongoing.

Anthrax can cause serious complications among humans. You can get sick with the disease if you come in contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products.

“To the community, especially those in the cattle camps, do not eat any meat from a cow that is dead. The best way is to burn the carcass. We also have animal health workers in every Payam to help you, if you inform them about what happened to your cattle,” Mr. Angiink advised.