25 Kuajok tea sellers fined over poor food hygiene practice

The Kuajok town council on Tuesday arrested and fined 25 tea sellers over poor personal hygiene in their work places.

A good hygiene policy requires hair restraints for those who prepare and handle food. They are should wear clean hats or hair restraints.

All uniforms and aprons should be laundered. Soiled uniforms and aprons should be stored away from food preparation areas.

But John Maluil Ajing, deputy clerk, says the tea sellers had ignored the requirements, with some handling tea with uncovered hair.

They were apprehended during a crackdown on violators of the good hygiene policy on Monday.

“Each tea maker was fined 2000 South Sudanese Pounds so that they cannot ignore the hygiene regulations next time,” Maluil told Mayardit FM.

He warned of more serious consequences should the town authorities catch a tea seller violating the regulations for the third time.

“If we arrest you violating hygiene regulations three times, then we will chase you away from the market. You will not make and sell tea gain,” Maluil added.

Meanwhile, Ayom Athian – a tea maker in Kuajok town – confirmed that she was fined after being found serving tea with uncovered head.

She promised to always cover her head to avoid further arrest and fine by  the town hygiene officials.

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Poor food hygiene practice, according to health experts, makes those who consume the food severely ill, most likely with food poisoning.

Food poisoning can normally be treated at home, treating symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. However, serious food poisoning can require important medical attention.