3 Kuajok restaurants fined for serving leftovers

Warrap State’s Kuajok town authorities have fined three restaurateurs  36,000 Pounds (about $36) each for serving leftovers to customers.

The town clerk identified the three as Ahmed Bashar, Ahamed Mohamed Abdalla, and Adut Mabior.

John Maluil says the three restaurateurs’ behavior was exposed by some of their workers, who said they would refuse to offer them leftovers.

Common dishes there include fried beef, Egyptian fava beans and meat, okra and meat, chicken stew, tripe, beef liver, and beef stew – either served with sorghum crepes, bread, and sorghum or maize pap.

Instead, they would mix the leftovers with freshly cooked food the following day to sell to customers.

“The information we got form one of the workers who told us that the restaurant owner refused to give remaining food to workers because he keeps it to be mixed with new meat,” Maluil told Mayardit FM on Thursday.

“So, we went there this morning and we found the leftover food yesterday.”

However, Mohamed denied offering leftovers to customers, though he was forced to pay the fine.

Leaving food out too long at room temperature can cause bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Campylobacter) to grow to dangerous levels that can cause illness, according to food health experts.