Youth clash with cattle raiders in Abyei, four wounded

Four people were wounded after local youths clashed with armed cattle raiders in Mijak County of Abyei Administrative Area on Monday.

Armed men reportedly raided more than 1,000 heads of cattle in Denchuk village but were repulsed by the youths of the area.

The Commissioner of Mijak County, Chol Adhol said the stolen animals were recovered in Jok-nyang village of Rumamer County.

A similar incident happened over the weekend in Biemnhom County of Ruweng Administrative Area were two people where wounded and 400 cattle were stolen. Officials believe the attackers came from Mayom County of Unity state.

In response, the Executive Director of Mayom County said he has received information regarding the cattle raiding incidents but no suspect has been identified.

James Gatdet Gany said they will investigate further.

Authorities say there are groups of elusive armed cattle rustlers along the boundaries of Ruweng, Unity and Warrap states. They continue to kill and raid unabated.