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Youth burn Payam headquarters over land grabbing in Aweil

Youth burn Payam headquarters over land grabbing in Aweil
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Angry Youth have reportedly burned down Chimel Payam headquarters in Aweil West County of Northern Bhar El Ghazal state over land disputes with the payam authorities.

Atak Wol Kiir, County police inspector said the youth accused the payam authorities of demarcating football field into plots and sell it to individuals without giving alternative ground for football since 2018.

Wol says the demonstrators set on fire the grass thatch offices and destroyed chairs, tables, cardboards, doors, and windows in the five offices.

“The youth in large number stormed the Payam headquarter and they broke all the doors and windows of the offices and pit latrines and they burned downed two tukuls for Payam administrator and his deputy, and we did nothing because we don’t have enough police to arrested them but Payam administrator went to state to report the incident,” Wol stated

Kiir said the youth were too violence to extend they could not be arrested and up to now, no one has been arrested for the act.

However, the leadership of the youth when said they were not involved in the youth decision of burning down of the payam headquarters.

Malong Liai, deputy youth Chairperson of Chimel Payam in condemned the act saying the youth had taken law into their hands without consultation

“The youth took violence decision without my knowledge but I condemn such act which is against development, during strike I was around in the area but after i heard the information, I came and talked to them to stop violence because the foot- ball ground that they talk about is a public place and it is responsibility of everybody here in the Chimel and we need chiefs, authority, youths, women leaders and traders to be part of this complain and we don’t want youth only to handle it.” Liai said

Liai called on the youth to follow up the land disputes in a peaceful manner.

Last year, the state football association said lack of football ground is major Challenge affecting players and the football development in the state.