Yirol West cattle camps return to Awerial after 8 years

Authorities in Dor Payam of Awerial County say thousands of cattle from Yirol West County have returned to the area for pastures after nearly 10 years.

In 2015, the cattle keepers and the host community fought over cattle in separate incidents, leaving a total of about seven people dead and creating animosity between the communities.

To avoid recurrence of the conflict over animals, the local authorities barred them from returning to to Awerial.

Now, the deputy administrator of Dor Payam welcomed the cattle keepers, saying there return is “a sign of peace”.

“This is a very good sign of peace, because these youth had been raiding each other before calm returned to Lakes State. I encourage this kind of interaction among the youth,” John Ariik told Mingkaman FM.

However, he suggested a meeting between representatives of the host community and the cattle keepers to hold talks on how to avoid a return to the conflict.

“I will meet with them to show them where to graze their animals  in the meantime and read to them the laws protecting crops from livestock,” Arrik continued.

He went on to appeal to the residents of Dor and Awerial in general to show them hospitality.

Alony Koryom, representative of the cattle keepers from the Biel Section of Atuot, appreciated the host community, Aliab, for welcoming them back.

“We appreciate the people of Aliab for this welcoming. We have seen the best of Lakes State Peace. If we continue to interact like this and camp together as youth from different sections, peace will prevail,” Koryom asserted.