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Yirol East returns 24 cattle to rightful owners in Jonglei state

Yirol East returns 24 cattle to rightful owners in Jonglei state
An armed cattle keeper in a Tonj county, Warrap State. Cattle are said to be a major cause of conflict among pastoralist communities in South Sudan | Credit | Courtesy

Yirol East authorities in Lakes state say they recovered 24 herds and returned them to rightful owners in Jonglei state. The handing over happens on Wednesday in Nyang Yirol East.


The cows were part of 40 herds of cattle that were raided at Pacuethok cattle camp by some youth from Yirol East in June last year.


James Dhuor Apiu is the County Executive Director in Yirol East. He said that the process has been peaceful and involves much coordination with local leaders and youth in the cattle camps.


Dhuor said that his government is ready to provide security escorts to the owners to move with their cattle to Jonglei state. “Youth from Jonglei whose cattle were raided in parts of Awerial county have taken 24 cows this morning in my office. I have written a traveling document to take their cows back home,” said Dhuor.


He stated that  the process of tracing the raided cattle is still ongoing  and urged cattle keepers in Lakes State who have cattle that do not belong to them to return to the rightful owners.


Deng Alier Deng is one of the rightful owners who received his cows. He said he is so happy to be moving freely in Lakes state, searching for his cows without fear of being killed.

He appealed to authorities in Lakes to find the missing 16 cattle that had not been recovered.


Deng also thanks the governor of Lakes state, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, for restoring stability for people to get some of their cattle back.