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Yirol East mother bears quadruplets, losses them

Yirol East mother bears quadruplets, losses them
A man poses for picture in front of Yirol Hospital in November 20, 2018, during the 32 states | Credit | Facebook

Health authorities in Yirol Hospital say a mother has lost quadruplets shortly after delivery in Malek Payam, Yirol East County.

35-year-old Akech Manyang Alat went into labor in her sixth months of pregnancy and the four baby girls were born alive.

Due to premature birth, the health official in Yirol East referred her to Yirol hospital where they expected better health services for the newborns.

However, they said three of the babies died on the way, before reaching the hospital on Wednesday evening.

The remaining baby, according to health authorities there, later died this morning due to lack of oxygen machine in the hospital intensive care unit.

Angelina Adut, the administrator of Yirol hospital, says they will continue providing care for the mother that loss four babies during birth.

“The mothers is having stress of losing babies at ago and we are not going to discharge her soon until we establish the cause of premature birth,” said Angelina Adut, administrator of Yirol Hospital. “We will also treat her and provide psychosocial support to her while in the hospital.”

Thon Mabor Adol, one of the area youth in Malek Payam of Yirol East says poor health services in the area is one of the challenges facing them. He urges the authorities to improve services.

“There is no ambulance here. Health services are not in place. If you go to the PHCU we have here, you won’t find tablets and this is the problem facing us,” Mabor told Mingkaman FM.

“We have gone for more than two months without drugs and if the government could do something about it, the situation will change.”

Health authorities from Yirol East were out of reach for a comment due to Mobile Telecommunication Network challenge.