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Yakani calls for punishment of Tonj East cannula-man

Yakani calls for punishment of Tonj East cannula-man
Edmund Yakani, head of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization | Credit | Courtesy

A civil society activist has condemned the gouging out the eyes of 18-year-old girl by her father, a corporal in the South Sudan National Police Service.

The incident happened in Tonj East County, Warrap State, nearly two weeks ago, when Agany Kuut Achuil is allege to have intentionally pricked Akuot’s eyes using cannula several times.

The aim, Kuut told the police there, was to stop the daughter from “seeing men again” following the previous failed marriage.

In response, executive director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, CEPO, says Akuot has been robbed of her right to marriage, education, and identity.

“The perpetrator should be held accountable for violating her right of consent to marriage and has also violated South Sudan strategy for prevention of early and forced marriage,” Edmund Yakani told Mayardit FM on Monday.

Activist also appealed for the support from the people of goodwill and humanitarian aids organizations to support the family and the girl in particular.

“Her mother may not have the capacity to care for her; people of goodwill should help the mother in handling her health situation,” Yakani added.

South Sudan Penal Code 2008 categorizes “permanent deprivation of the sight of an eye, or the hearing of an ear or the power of speech” under grievous harm.

“Whoever…voluntarily causes grievous hurt by any such means, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years and may be liable to a fine,” reads Article 238 (2).

The state authorities are yet to reveal when Kuut will be arraigned.