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Woman killed in Twic East attack, baby kidnapped

Woman killed in Twic East attack, baby kidnapped

A road attack in Twic East has left one woman dead and another injured and one woman and a three-month-old baby missing.

The incident, according to the area authorities, say it took place along the Poktak and Wernyol road on Tuesday.

“This resulted in the killing of one woman on spot, a child abducted, and the mother was pierced with spears, leaving her unconscious,” Deng Akuei, county executive director, told Mingkaman FM on Wednesday.

The deceased woman was identified as Atoch Darwei Lual, 30, whose her three-month-old baby Deng Ater was abducted.

The injured is 30-year-old Amach Aring Monyor, who lost consciousness after being hit with spears by the attackers. The authorities could not immediately identify the missing woman.

Akuei accused armed criminals from the Pibor Administrative Area of launching the attack – an accusation this media outlet could not verify independently.

In addition, attempts to reach the administrative area officials were not immediately successful.

This year, more than 7 abductions in different areas of Jonglei State have been reported but the government of both Jonglei and Pibor have done nothing to curb the menace in the region.