Why Bor’s differently abled pupil won’t miss PLE again

The differently abled learner in Bor will not miss the primary leaving examinations this year over damaged wheelchair tricycle, a humanitarian organization has said.

Majok Makuach Ajak, 23, is a P8 candidate at Malek Primary School in Kolnyang Payam, Bor County.

He could not sit the important examinations in February 2023 because he said the concerned government office in Jonglei failed to repair or replace his damaged handicapped tricycle.

As per pictures of the tricycle seen by this media outlet, the wheels of the wheelchair are worn out. It can no longer be pushed or ridden.

Recently, Majok expressed fears, saying he might not sit the exams again if the government and well-wishers did nothing about his situation.

“The level of the road has been raised and I can’t cross it without being pushed up with the tricycle; and since it is not there anymore, I can’t make it to class,” he told Mingkaman.

Fortunately, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has responded to his call, promising to provide Majok with a new tricycle soon.

Philip Maker Anek, executive director for the Organization of People with Disabilities says Majok is already registered with the ICRC and his tricycle will be delivered soon.