WFP pauses food distribution in Twic East

The UN World Food Program suspended General Food Distribution to 94, 700 beneficiaries in Twic East this Tuesday, the county Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) office has confirmed.

With a view to turning food assistance into a tool for peace building and future development, WFP has been working with grassroots civil society organizations and empowering communities – with a special focus on women and girls – to foster increased resilience, self-reliance and recovery.

In Twic East, the population of nearly 100,000 people has been depending majorly on UN relief food after four years of flooding affected farming.

“Today marks the end of GFD in Twic East and it will resumes in February next year,” said Ruben Maker Ajhok, RRC Coordinator. “This gap is to give chance to beneficiaries to rely on local food production from September to January.”

As part of the “resilience, self-reliance and recovery” policy, the local population did prepare for the four-month gap, depending on food they had grown themselves.

“I am assuring beneficiaries not to panic; it is the policy to reduce total dependency on GFD,” Maker added.

He called on Twic East IDPs in Bor, Mingkaman, and Mangalla to return home, saying flash floods have subsidized, and they should return home to start new life.