Water Tankers ordered to supply water at SSP800

Juba City Council has ordered the water suppliers in Juba to supply water at the cost of 800 South Sudanese pound only. Citizens are asked to report any supplier charging them beyond the amount specified.

In an order issued on Tuesday evening by the City Mayor, the suppliers will adhere to the prices temporary until the end of June as the fixed price will be availed in July.

“I Michael Ladu Allah Jabu -Mayor of Juba city council do here by issue this local order for the temporary regulation of water supply price in Juba city council,” the order reads, “Water suppliers are to charge SSP 800 (Eight Hundred South Sudanese Pounds) only per drum for one Month as a temporary period ending June 30, 2023,”

In far areas such as Jebel Dinka, Gurei, Checkpoint, Lemon Gaba and and Joppa will be charged 1,000 SSP per drum of water according to this local order.

“Water supplies in the suburbs or far ends of Juba City Council are to be charged SSP 1,000 {One Thousand South Sudanese Pounds) only per drum for the same temporary period.” the mayor ordered.

Last week after the dollar rate shot up, up to SSP100,000+ per $100, the price of water rose from 1000 pound to 1,500 pound per drum.

To ensure that the local order requiring water tankers to supply water at 800 is implemented, “A joint Taskforce Committee composed of 21 members is being formed for regulation of prices as standard tariffs of water supply beginning July I, 2023,” Allah Jabu said.

“Beneficiaries or consumers who are abused by higher prices or are denied water due to the supplier charging higher price(s), should collect the details of the supplier and immediately report to Juba City Council authorities at the Block Council Offices or Headquarters,’