Warrap suspends six officials for writing a letter to the governor

The minister of education in Warrap State have suspended six payam education supervisors for allegedly violating education policies.

The suspended supervisors include, Manut Majur, Marac Deng, Makuac Lual Chom Ring Juuk, Santino Maruon, and Salva Nyuol.

The suspension comes after education supervisors addressed a letter to the governor opposing reinstatement of Mawith Angok, county education director.

In July, the state ministry of education reinstated Angok after being suspended along with six other officials.

Achuil Malei, minister of Education, says the officials are suspended for three good months because they violated education policies.

“They moved from payam and bypassed the county authorities and the ministry of education with its minister and directors general and addressed a letter to the governor,” Malei stated. “Only politicians can address letters to the governor,  not teachers from payam levels.”

He says in case of grievances, they were to first address the letter to the minister instead of the governor.

“They are suspended for three months and if there is no problem as they indicated in their letter, then they will explain themselves why they addressed the letter to the governor.”

Santino Maruon Kuol is among the six education supervisors who have been suspended. He denied involvement in the letter addressed to Manhiem Bol, Warrap State governor.

He says that he is ready to explain himself to the committee because he did not sign the letter.

“There are people who wrote this letter and we do not know who they are. All the six supervisors were suspended and there were people who went to the governor ‘s office. It is supposed to form a committee to investigate us so that everyone can defend themselves,” Maruon argued.

The six suspended education supervisors are from Aweng payam, Ajak-kuac payam, Turalei payam Wunrok payam Akoc payam and panyok payam.