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Warrap suspends five teachers, official for illegally deducting teachers’ salaries

Warrap suspends five teachers, official for illegally deducting teachers’ salaries

The Ministry of Education in Warrap state has suspended five teachers including Twic County Education Director for allegedly siphoning money off teachers’ salaries.

In the suspension letter seen by Mayardit FM, five of the teachers have been accused of deducting money meant for teachers’ salaries.

The accused have been sent on administrative leave for 3 months without pay. Their case shall be examined by a Disciplinary Board in the State Ministry of Education

They include; James Nhomacot Deng, James Malong Ater, Ring Deng Mathiang, Kuol Malual, David Deng Atem, and Mawith Angok Deng.

In response, James Nhomacot Deng, who heads the committee for the disbursement of salaries said they have been accused falsely.

“This not true. We have not deducted any teacher’s money. We are not the finance people, we are not the ones who pay teachers in Twic,” he stated.

He, however, admitted to taking some money from the teachers – which he said was given as contribution to the committee by the teachers.

“What happened was that all teachers in Twic had a meeting to see how the committee will travel to the State Ministry of Education in Kuajok to present the complaints of unpaid money from last year…So the teachers agreed they [will] contribute according to what somebody can give, and the money reached over 200,000 South Sudanese Pounds,” Nhomacot disclosed.

The suspended Education Director of Twic County also denied mismanaging the salaries of the teachers.

Mawith Angok Deng said he is unbothered by the suspension.

“I welcome my suspension, but I am still don’t know what I did wrong. If it is about teachers’ money, then that is not right. The teachers are the ones who gave money to the committee they selected.”

Some of the teachers from Twic County admitted to Mayardit FM that indeed they willingly contributed part of their money to facilitate the committee’s transport to Kuajok to present their complaint over unpaid arrears to the State Ministry of Education.

The suspension of the six was issued on Thursday, October 13, 2022.