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Warrap state receives subsidized sorghum for public consumption

Warrap state receives subsidized sorghum for public consumption
Trucks loaded with sorghum at a warehouse in Warrap state

Warrap state government has received eight tracks loaded with sorghum purchased in Sudan.

The trucks contain 3,500 sacks of sorghum.

The food supply was delivered to the state headquarters in Kuajok on Thursday.

Santino Ding Wek, the State Cabinet Affairs Minister told Mayardit FM that the grains are part of the national government’s effort to address food shortages and skyrocketing prices in the market.

Similar subsidized food items have been delivered to Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

Mr. Ding said the sorghum will be distributed to 6 Counties and Kuajok town.

He said each sack of 3.5KGs will be sold at 1, 000 South Sudanese Pounds. Each households is allowed to purchase only 10.5 KGs.

The state government cautioned against illegal sell of the subsidized food.

“I am telling the government committee responsible for the sale of food to be responsible in selling the food. If you mess with it, you will be held accountable because this is meant for the vulnerable citizens,” Ding warned.

The distribution of the food item will begin on Saturday, July 31 in Kuajok town.

Addressing the media at the warehouse site in Kuajok, Governor Aleu Ayeny said more than 100 trucks carrying 40,750 tons of sorghum are expected to arrive next month.
“The food shall be distributed to the counties of Warrap State and sold at a cheaper price – like that of Northern Bahr el Ghazal and others States,” he announced.