Warrap replaces revenue authority boss

The governor of Warrap State has issued an order, dismissing the commissioner of revenue authority in the area.

There were no reasons given for the dismissal of commissioner of revenue authority Mangor Mangong.

In another order, Manhiem Bol Malek replaced Mangong with Veronica Awien.

Speaking to Mayardit FM, the Minister of Information in Warrap State – William Wol Mayom – described the changes as “normal administrative procedure”.

“Yes, the commissioner of revenue authority has been fired as a normal administrative procedure and the new person has been appointed to continue the work,” Wol stated.

Awien has held so many positions in the government of Warrap State, including being a representative at the defunct Gogrial state assembly from 2016-2018.

During that time, she was also the  chairperson of specialized committee of Human rights and gender at the state legislative assembly.

Awien was also the peace advisor to the defunct Gogrial state governor since March 2018 to January 2020.