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Warrap purchased new cars costs one million dollars for state officials

Warrap purchased new cars costs one million dollars for state officials
Thirty vehicles Warrap State purchase heading the state through Juba-Bahr El Ghazel highway.

Warrap state government say they spent one million dollars to purchased thirty vehicles for state ministers, commissioners, and advisers. A convoy of 30 cars arrived in Warrap’s capital Kaujok this week. Official says the vehicles will help facilitate movement of government officials to perform their duty effectively.

Hon. Ring Deng Adding is the minister of information in Warrap State. He says each car cost 35,000 US dollars making total of one million and fifty thousand dollars, all Toyota land cruiser.

Mr. Deng says the vehicles were purchased in partnership with Presidential Adviser on National Security Tut Gatluak, which the minister refers to as a “friend” willing to support Warrap State government.

“It was difficult to deliver services in the state due to lack of enough vehicles to facilitate the movement, rest assured that all will be fine since the vehicles have arrived.”

Deng denied rumors circulating on social media that President Salva Kiir Mayardit bought the cars in his home state, saying the governor has his friends in government.

He added that he got these cars in form of loans, of which some money have been paid in advance. “Presidential advisor for security Tut Keu is standing with him and many others,” he explained.

No comment from the security adviser or his office on the purchased of the vehicles as he is in Khartoum for a bilateral talk with Sudan.

However, it is not clear if the vehicles were purchased by security advisor in his capacity as a friend as described by the minister of information or as a chairperson of the national transitional committee.

Social media users gave mixed reactions on the purchased of the 30 cars which cost more than 1 million dollars, while others welcome it saying it will ease movement of officials within the state.

The vehicles are bearing the photo of governor Hon. Aleu Ayieny Aleu, taken at Juba-Terekeka tarmac highways, was trending on social media over the weekend.