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Warrap increases police presence in Kuajok

Warrap increases police presence in Kuajok

The government of Warrap State has increased night police patrol in the capital, Kuajok, and other major towns.

It is not clear why, but the state commissioner of police says the move is meant to curb criminal activities.

“For security purposes, we do not disclose the number of the police officers deployed in the areas,” Maj.-Gen. Manyok Jurkuch told Mayardit FM.

“But I want to confirm that we increased the number of policemen and women patrolling at night.

These include night robberies, theft, and killing, especially in Kuajok, where the number of residents is growing. Officials attribute this to the fighting in Sudan, forcing South Sudanese refugees to return home.

“They are deployed in strategic locations and in areas we suspect to be where criminals gather,” he added.

The current population of Kuajok is unknow, but the 2008 census places it at over 78,000.