Warrap gov’t asked to punish Journalist Agei’s killers

A representative of the Union of Journalists of South Sudan in Warrap has called upon the government to identify and punish those who killed a journalist in the state three years ago.

Dor FM’s reporter Marko Agei Makhor was shot and killed on his way to Tonj town from his home village of Manyang-ngok in Tonj South in July 2020. No suspect has been arrested so far.

Daniel Mareng, coordinator, says the incident, coupled with intimidation make it difficult for journalists to operate in the area.

“Journalists are scared; how can they operate with the death threats, crimes that are committed impunity,” he stated during a one-day refresher training on propaganda, fake news, misinformation, disinformation and mal-information in Kuajok town on Saturday.

Government officials were in attendance.

“How do you expect us to work? Something must be done for us to operate,” he added.

For his part, the state government spokesperson, William Wol, said the government would look into the matter.

“Our government is trying to calm the situation before we launch the investigation, because journalist’s killing is connected to revenge killing,” Wol stated.

Since South Sudan gained independence in 2011, at least over ten South Sudanese journalist have been killed, with seven in 2015 alone.

Despite calls from the UN and others for those responsible to be held accountable, no one person has been prosecuted and no single case has been tried.

Misconceptions about journalism in the country extend beyond the authorities, according to the reporters without borders.

Arbitrary arrest and detention, harassment, intimidation, and killing of journalists have forced many to abandon the profession or leave the country.