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Warrap detains 9 chiefs over cattle raid

Warrap detains 9 chiefs over cattle raid
Chiefs could be seen through the gate of Kuajok prison on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 | Credit | Courtesy

Authorities in Warrap State have ordered police to arrest nine former chiefs in Tonj North County for failing to collect raided cattle from their armed youth.

In September, suspected armed youth from Noi community raided 366 heads of cattle from Leer community. In addition, youth from Apuk Padoc raided over 500 heads of cattle in Marial Lou.

During the cattle raiding,  state information minister says, three people were killed and five others injured on the side of Leer community while trying to recover their cattle from the raiders from Noi.

As a local regulation, chiefs were ordered to identify the raiders and ensure that all the stolen animals were recovered returned to their rightful owners.

“The chiefs accepted to collect the cattle from the 5th of October to 9th October. But they did nothing. The government then ordered police to jail them for disobedience,” William Wol said.

“The chiefs in the entire Tonj North County were asked by the government to collect the cattle which were raided in each and every neighboring communities by their armed children,” William Wol said on Wednesday.

He said the nine chiefs, including Ayiik Agou Kuot, executive chief of Noi community, are being held at two prisons – state prison in Kuajok and Wunliet prison in Kirik Payam.

After recovery of cattle, the chiefs will also be required to identify the armed criminals. Until then, they will remain in prison, the minister of information added.