Warrap condemns killing of five civilians from Unity state

The government of Warrap State has condemned the Monday attacked that killed five people who were traveling from Juba to Mayom County in Unity state.

The incident happened in Ayiet village of Aweng Payam Twic county, where a group of armed youth allege to be from Twic attacked a convoy of three vehicles that was heading to Mayom county.

Joseph Taban Agang is the acting commissioner of Twic county has confirmed that five people were killed among them two men, two women, and a child

He says they are looking for suspects who carried out the attack still haven’t been unidentified.

He says three convoy of vehicles were heading to Mayom County they fall in the ambushed by armed youth.

Taban says the government is working hard to arrest the culprits and bring them to book for the crime they committed.

Taban says, among the three vehicles, two cars with 27 passengers manage to run to safety and all have been accounted for.  He added that one person was found alive and was hiding which bring the number of people killed to five not six as reported by Unity state government.

 “We the government of Twic, we are not happy with what happened, and we must to get the real person who killed those people, we are sisters and brothers with people of unity State,” said Taban.

He clarified that number of people killed, saying only five people died and six person is alive and was later found in hiding and is safe.

He appealed to community to identified or show the suspects to the authority so that they are apprehend and hold accountable for their action.

He says as a community of Twic they won’t condone and such act is unacceptable.

The governor of Unity state Dr. Joseph Monytuil Wejang issued a statement on Wednesday. He condemned the attacked on innocent civilian and call on his counterpart to immediate arrest the culprits and bring them to face justice for the innocent lives lost.