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Warrap collects illegal arms to tackle communal conflicts

Warrap collects illegal arms to tackle communal conflicts

Authority in Warrap State has reported a massive collection of guns in Tonj North County during peaceful disarmament headed by local chiefs and youth leaders.

At least 1,148 firearms were presented to the state government on Tuesday, witnessed by the Governor of Warrap State, Hon. Aleu Ayeny and other high-ranking military officers of the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSPDF).

Tonj North County Commissioner Hon. Kuol Akoon Kuol says the disarmament was an exercise a peaceful carried out last month, hoping to end gun violence.

He says the move will help promote peace, and end inter-communal violence, cattle raiding, land dispute, and fighting between neighboring communities.

Kuol stated that some of the weapons collected include AK47, RPG, and PKM machine guns.

The state believes that gun collection will attract a peaceful coexistence among the communities.

The county official urges the civilians to cooperate with the disarmament team during the ongoing exercise.

“So, we talk, about that management of guns will be in a place and the message have reached our people in towns that the community must respect this time disarmament.”

Hon commissioner Akoon says the control of guns collected is under the task forces collaborating with the community police.

The display of the collected guns was witnessed by the Warrap state governor Hon General Aleu Ayieny, commissioner, chiefs, and the disarmament forces.

The Government promised to control weapons machines and not return them to civilians’ hands.