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VP Abdelbagi calls youth in Warrap to promote Peace

VP Abdelbagi calls youth in Warrap to promote Peace
Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol - Addressing rally in Turalei © Mayardit FM

South Sudan Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol has urged youth and community leaders of Twic to embrace peace through sports.

The VP Akol was speaking during a public rally in Turalei, Warrap state attended by one thousand people on Tuesday. Akol appealed to the Twic Community and Dinka Ngok to end the border dispute. He says they must use sports to promote peace and harmony among young people and unite the five Payam of Twic.

Twic has high number of intellectuals and the bad things about you is opposing each other, you need to leave such politics because what is required is taking forward our communities and nation,” he said.

He also revealed that President Kiir will form a committee to review the internal administrative boundaries as a way of finding peaceful resolution on the issues of internal boundaries.

The Vice President for Service Cluster officially launched the revived Twic Olympics tournament by kicking the ball with first match scheduled on Wednesday in Turalei.

The chairlady of the Twic Olympics Association Ms Achan Agoth Kiech called intellectuals to put aside their political differences and join hands to support the initiatives that benefit the communities. I’m happy now because I was apprehensive about this game because of what is being spread on social media platforms”.

Ms Agoth criticized the social media which she says is “misleading” the public about the future of the Olympics games that was revived with money they raised through crowd funding.

The governor of Warrap State Hon. Aleu Ayieny Aleu also called on Twic Community members to remove politics from community social affairs and urged them to remain united.

He says the Olympics games unite the people and promote cultures as shown by the visiting leaders who accompanied the Vice President Hussein Akol to Warrap state.