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Violence must end now, U.S diplomat tells South Sudanese

Violence must end now, U.S diplomat tells South Sudanese
Michael J. Adler, U.S Ambassador to South Sudan. Courtesy image

The United States has reminded the government of its obligations to uphold the rule of law across the country.

According to the U.S Ambassador to South Sudan, justice and accountability is the cornerstone of lasting peace for any country.

Ambassador Michael J. Adler expressed concerns over reports of violence in some parts of South Sudan.

“…it is deeply concerning to consider the conflict in Upper Nile, ongoing tensions between herders and farmers in the Equatorias, and numerous incidents of violence occurring elsewhere in the country.”

He called on the government to persecute the perpetrators of such violence in order to create a conducive environment for peace implementation.

“Violence must end now. Lasting peace will only come with justice and accountability.”

Ambassador J. Adler was speaking in Juba on the international day of peace on Wednesday.

“The Troika remains committed to the revitalized peace agreement as the only way to deliver the peace, security, and democracy that the South Sudanese people who have waited for so long. We strongly believe the peace agreement must be implemented in full and in accordance with the timescale set out in the roadmap,” Adler said.

The top U.S diplomat also called on all parties to adopt zero-tolerance to all forms of sexual violence.

“I reiterate our call for those that have instigated or committed acts of violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, against civilians be held accountable for their actions without delay.”

Ambassador Michael J. Adler further condemned violence and targeted killing of aid workers in South Sudan.

“We recently heard the news of the murder on September 19 of a WHO employee in Bentiu. Such heinous attacks must come to an end; aid and humanitarian workers are not a target.”

“We express the rights of all people in South Sudan to live in peace and security, with justice and opportunity for all,” he underscored.